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To Jesus you are precious

You may have heard and are thinking for yourself No one loves Me! I’m stupid and ugly!. I don’t deserve to live. It is a big lie planted in your…

Help I feel bad – Testimony (Swedish)

If you suffer from depression, mental illness see this

Who is Jesus? – Sebastian Stackset speaks (Swedish)

Sebastian tells about the Egyptian Copt Christians who were executed by Isis because of their faith Sebastian is formerly known as Sebbe Stacks from the rap group Kartellen.

Bible verses about God’s peace

Listen to Bible verses about God’s peace.

The encounter with the Holy Spirit

Watch this clip about Kathy’s encounter with the Holy Spirit. It transformed her and will transform yourself.

To you who are Jews – Yeshua (Jesus) is your messiah

  I have been to Israel three times and seen many of the biblical sites. I love your country and people. Many years ago I became friends with a Jew…

My Testimony – Jörgen Milton

My name is Jörgen Milton and I have started this website. Here I give my testimony about Jesus and invite you to chat with me.

Watch the movie JESUS. The world’s most watched movie

Here you can see the film JESUS in its entirety. I have posted it in a few different languages. English, Swedish, Hindi, Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic and German The movie…

Buddhist monk saw Jesus and was healed

The meaning of life is to belong to Jesus Watch this amazing clip about a Buddhist monk who was healed by Jesus. Salvation is for everyone regardless of whether you…

Jesus of Nazareth, the best and strongest clips

Here are some strong and powerful scenes from the blockbuster Jesus of Nazareth (1977) Watch it and know that this is a depiction of reality that actually took place 2000…