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Do you know who Jesus is?


Nov 19, 2022

Jesus lived here on earth about 2000 years ago!. But what was it about his life that was so special that today he has more than a billion followers worldwide. No other person in the history of the world has influenced humanity like him. He proved his words true. in many ways. People were healed from diseases, raised from the dead, the demon-possessed were freed, and he even ruled over the laws of nature.

Many of his contemporaries and even in our time agree that he was a miracle worker, who had a close relationship with father God. But the fact is that Jesus was and is so much more than this. He is God himself who was born to earth with a specific purpose and mission. Jesus did not come to give you a new religion that you must slavishly follow. No, he came to save the whole world and make it possible for all people to be saved from hell, and to have their lives transformed.

By his death on the cross, he paid the ransom for the sin of all mankind. Both what was, what was then and what was to come. By his death he gave you and me a free ticket to heaven and eternal life even though we are now living 2000 years later. But the wonderful thing was that it did not stop with his death, but that he arose after three days and then lived forever. It was only love that drove Jesus to all this. So that you could have a personal contact with him. He wants to be your friend today. He wants to comfort you when you are having a hard time. He wants to help you with your worries. This page is for those who want to know more about Jesus and life with him. Perhaps you have come to this page now in times of great concern. You may be in need of comfort and guidance. Then you should know that you have come to the right place because it is only with Jesus that we have protection, comfort and hope.

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