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At the end of January 2020, Me, my wife and dad were visiting a friend of Dad’s. On the way home there was a very nasty car accident. It was a real miracle that we all survived with only minor injuries.

We had been driving for a while on the E20 towards Laxå when the car inexplicably started stalling and suddenly stopped in the middle of the roadway. Dad who was driving didn’t have a chance to move the car off the road as it was a slight uphill. We turn on the warning signal. But we feel relieved that the road is two-lane and that the overtaking lane is free. But we still decide to leave the car. I don’t have time to think more until we experience a terrible bang. The car travels a long distance from the impact before coming to a stop. I don’t have time to think much, everything goes very fast. I myself sit on the passenger side with dad. It turns out that’s the place that did best.

I quickly look at dad, who is sitting next to me completely lifeless and behind me my wife is also sitting completely lifeless. Then I act completely impulsively, I shout out Jesus at the same time as I put my hands on them and pray. I think they are dead then. But after a minute or so they wake up in pain.
Someone has called the ambulance and after a while we travel to the hospital. It turned out that it was a large truck that hit us from behind. The seat my wife was in was so compressed it was a miracle they got her out. The driver’s door could not be opened, so the car had to be sawn apart. The seat behind Dad was so crammed in, so if anyone sat there it would have been a quick death.

At the hospital we are x-rayed and it turns out that I managed with only back pain. My father and wife remain in the hospital for a few days with broken legs and backs, as well as wounds to the head. Today we live as usual but with full certainty of God’s enormous protection. If we hadn’t had him, we wouldn’t be alive today. Found out afterwards that the impact was so big that even the truck had to be repaired for SEK 200,000. Receive Jesus today. He is a reality to be reckoned with. / Jörgen Milton

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